100 Bucket List Ideas for Programmers

Mikołaj Sykuła
Mikołaj Sykuła
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Dec 2, 2023
100 Bucket List Ideas for Programmers

Technology enthusiasts often dream big, aspiring to achieve goals that push the boundaries of innovation and personal development. To help structure these ambitions, I have compiled an extensive bucket list tailored for tech aficionados. This list not only outlines various goals but also includes additional columns like "Inspiration," "How," "Year," "Status," and "Souvenir" to provide a comprehensive roadmap for your tech journey.

What's in the List?

The list covers a wide range of goals, from developing specific skills like achieving a 100 wpm typing speed to ambitious projects like building a DIY electric skateboard or bike. It includes participating in significant events, like attending a major tech conference, and milestones in personal development, such as mentoring a junior developer. Each goal is categorized for easy reference, covering areas like DIY projects, programming, development, learning, and more.


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The Additional Columns Explained


This column reflects what sparked the idea or desire to pursue a particular goal. It could be a person, event, book, or even a movie that ignited the passion for a specific achievement. For example, the inspiration for building a DIY electric skateboard might be a passion for sustainable transportation or a favorite tech vlogger's project.


This column suggests a timeframe or a target year for accomplishing the goal. It helps in planning and setting realistic timelines. For example, you might aim to attend a major tech conference by 2025.


Status tracks your progress. It could be 'Not Started' 'In Progress' 'Completed' or 'On Hold' This helps in keeping track of your journey and maintaining motivation.


A unique addition, this column is about commemorating the achievement. It could be a physical item, a digital badge, a blog post, or even a photo. For example, a souvenir for building a PC could be the first photo of the completed setup.


The Tech Enthusiast's Bucket List is more than just a collection of goals; it's a roadmap for personal and professional growth in the realm of technology. With the additional columns providing a framework for inspiration, methodology, timing, tracking, and commemorating achievements, this list is a dynamic tool for anyone passionate about technology.

Happy tech adventures!