Lighthouse Game Changer. Scan Your Entire Site with Unlighthouse

Mikołaj Sykuła
Mikołaj Sykuła
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Jun 24, 2023
Lighthouse Game Changer. Scan Your Entire Site with Unlighthouse

Unlighthouse is a cutting-edge tool that enhances the functionality of Google Lighthouse by enabling comprehensive site-wide scanning. Its modern user interface, minimal configuration requirements, and intelligent sampling methods are poised to revolutionize website analysis for SEO professionals and developers.

Unlighthouse: A Game Changer

Why does Unlighthouse mark a pivotal moment in website analysis? The answer lies in its ability to use Google Lighthouse to scan your entire site, rather than isolated pages. This comprehensive approach provides a more holistic view of your site's performance, accessibility, and SEO health.

Traditionally, Google Lighthouse audits are performed on a per-page basis. While this approach offers valuable insights, it may not capture the full performance picture of an entire website, especially for larger sites with hundreds or thousands of pages.

Unlighthouse addresses this gap by performing site-wide scanning, ensuring no performance issues or SEO opportunities are missed. It uses intelligent sampling methods to optimize the scanning process, ensuring that it's not just exhaustive but also efficient.

Quick Setup

Setting up Unlighthouse is a breeze, thanks to its minimal configuration requirements. Run the following command:


It's worth noting that Unlighthouse requires Node >= 14.x, with Node 16.x or higher recommended.

Getting Started

Unlighthouse has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and this extends to its support and documentation. The official Unlighthouse documentation provides detailed installation instructions for all integrations.

For direct assistance, you can join the Unlighthouse Discord server.

Usage and Troubleshooting

Unlighthouse saves your reports in an outputDir directory. These files are typically added to your .gitignore file:


If you encounter any issues, Unlighthouse's debugging option enables in-depth troubleshooting. Simply rerun the scan with debugging enabled:


Why Should You Use Unlighthouse Regularly?

Regular use of Unlighthouse offers numerous benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Site Analysis: With Unlighthouse, you can analyze your entire website, not just individual pages. This holistic approach can reveal performance patterns and SEO opportunities that might be missed when auditing single pages.

  2. Efficient Resource Use: Unlighthouse's intelligent sampling method ensures that site-wide scanning is performed efficiently, preventing unnecessary use of resources.

  3. Ongoing Optimization: Regular scans can help you track your site's performance over time, highlighting both improvements and areas where further optimization is needed.

In conclusion, Unlighthouse's ability to perform comprehensive, site-wide scans using Google Lighthouse's powerful analysis tools makes it an essential resource for advanced SEO professionals and developers. Its modern UI, minimal configuration, and smart sampling make it a potent weapon in your website performance optimization arsenal.

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