Never Kill Your Products

Mikołaj Sykuła
Mikołaj Sykuła
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Dec 2, 2023
Never Kill Your Products

In the vast sea of web products, apps, and services, the life cycle of a product is fraught with challenges. Many projects never see the light of day, and even more are discarded prematurely, often at the expense of valuable learning opportunities and potential future gains.

The Value of Persistence

Every product, successful or not, is a testament to your skills and dedication. The digital footprints left by these products form a portfolio that showcases your journey, growth, and capabilities.

Building Your Digital Portfolio

Your creations are more than just projects, they are a narrative of your professional evolution. Keeping them alive maintains a living history of your work, allowing others to witness your progress and commitment.

Digital Portfolio

A Case for Patience

Products need time to mature. Immediate success is rare. Search engine indexing and organic growth are gradual, word of mouth needs time to spread. Abandoning a project too early could mean missing out on these opportunities.

When to Hold On

Archiving with Care

If maintaining a product is unsustainable, consider archiving:

Web Archive is a great tool for archiving websites. It's free and easy to use.


Before you consider killing a product, weigh its potential against its cost. Remember, every project has intrinsic value as part of your professional story. Make sure it's preserved in some form, as it could one day be the key to unlocking new opportunities.

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